Larry cropped 2Neural Mechanisms of Social Bonding: Implications for Novel Therapies for Autism

Larry J. Young, PhD
Director, Silvio O. Conte Center for Oxytocin and Social Cognition and
William P. Timmie Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences,
Emory University

Dr. Young will discuss his research on the role of oxytocin and other brain chemical in regulating social bonding in monogamous prairie voles. Insights from this research has led to a greater understanding of the social brain and may give rise to novel therapies for improving social functioning in psychiatric disorders characterized by impairments in social cognition.
Tuesday March 24th at 6:00pm
Northwest Building, Room B-101
52 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Free and open to the public
Light dinner served at 5:45pm



Maternal Care or Neuronal Despair?
What parenting looks like in the brain


Nederland, Amsterdam, 2007Marian Joëls,Foto Bob Bronshoff3:00 PM, NORTHWEST B-101
Early Life Adversity: Doomed Forever?
Marian Joëls, PhD
University Medical Center Utrecht
Meaney photo4:00 PM, NORTHWEST B-101
Parental Regulation of the Neural Epigenome
Michael Meaney, CM, PhD, CQ, FRSC
McGill University
Undergraduate Poster Session
~Prizes announced at 7pm, Northwest B-101~
Professor Catherine Dulac6:00 PM, NORTHWEST B-101
Molecular & Neural Control of Parental Behavior
Catherine Dulac, PhD
Harvard University


Man Woman face people problem puzzle“Perspectives on Mental Illness”
A Wintersession Workshop for Harvard College Undergraduates
Monday January 19th to Friday January 23rd, 2015
Mental illness knows no barriers, affecting people in every nation and every walk of life—young or old, rich or poor, civilian or soldier. As diverse and complex as they are widespread, mental disorders include mood and anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, eating disorders, and personality disorders, just to name a few categories. In this five day workshop sponsored by the National Institute of Mental Health-funded Conte Center at Harvard (open to Harvard undergraduates of all class years and concentrations), we will explore the topic of mental health through multiple lenses—ranging from basic science and clinical research to artistic and personal perspectives.
Agenda and Registration Info>>

Conte Colloquium

Conte-CBS Colloquium on Mental Health

The Conte-CBS Colloquium on Mental Health is an interdisciplinary lecture series on neuroscience and mental health research open to all members of the Harvard community and the general public.

Taking place on a monthly basis throughout the academic year, the series features diverse talks from researchers in the life sciences, social sciences, and clinical disciplines. Each talk begins with a broad introduction to the topic, and is followed by an extensive question and answer session. Advance registration is requested to ensure sufficient seating and refreshments.

Past lectures >>

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Tea Clip Art

Conte Tea Time

Conte Tea Time is a community building activity for Conte Center members, designed to encourage crosstalk amongst students, fellows and staff in different Center laboratories, as well as our computing experts and outreach collaborators. The Tea Times provide Center members the opportunity to regularly share their scientific work and outreach ideas with each other in an informal atmosphere in between the larger, more formal annual events such as retreats and scientific advisory board meetings.

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Summer High School Teacher Workshops

In August 2012 and July 2013, the Conte Center the teamed up with the Life Sciences Outreach Program at Harvard to offer 2-3 day workshops in Neuroscience and Mental Health for local high school science teachers. These workshops featured basic science and clinically-oriented lectures from top notch researchers both within and beyond the Conte Center—as well as hands-on lab activities, lab tours and other opportunities such as curriculum planning discussions and a talk on promoting diversity in STEM fields.

Lecture videos and program from the 2012 workshop >>

Program, photos and readings from the 2013 workshop >>

Wintersession at Harvard College

Wintersession is a period between the fall and spring semesters at Harvard College, when undergraduates have a chance to engage in a wide range of enrichment activities. In January 2013, the Conte Center launched two new weeklong Wintersession programs for students interested in neurobiology and mental illness. The first, hosted in collaboration with McLean Hospital, was “Perspectives on Mental Illness,” a highly interdisciplinary workshop providing clinical, historical, research, policy and personal views on mental illness. The second, “Mapping Brain Connectivity with Electron Microscopy,” featured an introduction to connectomics and extensive electron microscopy image analysis experience. Together the workshops served approximately 40 students.

More info on Perspectives on Mental Illness >>

More info on Mapping Brain Connectivity >>

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Undergraduate Research Poster Sessions

On April 30, 2013, the Conte Center worked with the Center for Brain Science and undergraduate concentration advisors at Harvard to host a “Neuroscience and Mental Health” poster session for undergraduates concentrating in neurobiology or relevant areas of psychology. The session provided undergraduates writing theses or otherwise conducting original research in these areas an opportunity to formally present their findings to the Harvard science community. Prizes were awarded for the best posters in neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience. The Conte Center has also hosted undergraduates presenting in summer research poster sessions in 2012 and 2013.

View April 2013 photos and poster titles >>

Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week, launched by the Dana Foundation and supported by the Society for Neuroscience, is a global campaign to raise interest in and awareness about brain science. On March 14, 2013 the Conte Center participated in a Harvard Graduate School of Education program hosting 150 sixth-graders from Malden, MA for a day long “Youth Conference on Brain Awareness.” The event featured two lectures and 10 science fair style ‘brain stations.’

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486_317 Retreat Venue

Conte Center Summer Retreats

Each summer the Conte Center has a one day off-site retreat for Center members and close collaborators, featuring a guest lecture by a prominent scientist, research talks from each of the Center laboratories and an update on the Center’s outreach efforts. The 2012 retreat took place at the Boston Museum of Science and featured a guest lecture by Dr. Mitya Chklovskii of Janelia Farm. The 2013 retreat took place at the Nantasket Beach Resort in Hull, MA and featured a guest lecture by Dr. Thomas Südhof of Stanford University.

View program from 2013 retreat >>

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